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What is Group Coaching/Support Group?

May 10, 2023
Divorce Support Group

In June we will begin a new round of our Online Support Group. Want to know more about the group and why it's valuable?

Group divorce coaching is a form of coaching that involves working with a group of individuals who are going through a divorce or separation. It can be a powerful way to build community, accountability, and support as individuals navigate the emotional and practical challenges of the divorce process. Here are some key elements of group divorce coaching:

  1. Shared experiences: Group divorce coaching typically involves individuals who are going through similar experiences related to divorce or separation. By working with others who understand their situation and can relate to their feelings and challenges, individuals can feel a sense of belonging and support.

  2. Group Wisdom: Group divorce coaching inspires group wisdom - a collective intelligence that emerges when people come together to share their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives. It is the idea that the collective whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In a group, each member brings their unique perspectives and experiences, and by sharing and collaborating with others, they can create new insights and solutions that are beyond the reach of any individual member.

  3. Accountability: Group divorce coaching provides a level of accountability that may not be present in individual coaching. By sharing their experiences and progress with the group, individuals can feel a sense of responsibility to follow through on their commitments and stay on track with their personal growth.

  4. Feedback and support: Group divorce coaching provides individuals with the opportunity to give and receive feedback and support from others in the group. This can be a valuable way to gain different perspectives, learn from others' experiences, and receive encouragement and validation.

  5. Curriculum and structure: Group divorce coaching provides resources, exercises, and assignments to help participants navigate the divorce process and develop coping strategies.

Overall, group divorce coaching can be a powerful way to receive emotional support, practical guidance, and accountability as individuals navigate the challenges of divorce or separation. By working with a group of like-minded individuals and a skilled coach, individuals can gain insights and tools to help them move forward with greater resilience, confidence, and self-care.


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