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Thea Bourke Martin, JD E-YRT

Divorce Attorney + Life Coach = Relationship Coach

I was a stressed-out attorney, completely disconnected from my body, and stuck in my head. I wasn't living in alignment. I had followed culture's rules for success, and I still wasn't fulfilled. It was as if every time I turned around, I faced another hardship. As if the Universe was against me. I had lost my way.


Finding my authentic self.

Luckily, I found yoga and mindfulness. As mindfulness began to change my life, I looked for opportunities to practice it on and off the yoga mat. I saw that Divorce Mediation and Alternative Conflict Resolution were expressions of yoga and mindfulness in the legal world. I could see how the Courtroom was never created to help families. To keep litigating would be out of alignment with who I wanted to be. I got myself out of the courtroom and started to use my law degree and mindfulness to help families in crisis as a Mediator.

To help the family we have to support the individual. When we support the individual, we help the family.

Soon, I saw that helping families necessarily meant helping individuals. I began to see limiting behavioral patterns in individuals that were getting in the way of their happiness. Happiness at home, at work, in relationships. They were smart, healthy individuals, with big hearts - but they just couldn't get out of their own way. Using mindfulness, conflict resolution skills, and my life coach training, I developed a model that helps clients dissolve the beliefs and patterns that are holding them back. 

Now I help others find internal and interpersonal alignment. 

If you are interested in learning more, contact me. 

If you are in couples therapy and need extra individual support, have your therapist contact me.  

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"Wherever you go, spread your love. Just keep the candle of your love burning and whenever you find an unlit candle, light it up. There’s no higher purpose or answer beyond that."
- Swami Kripalu               
Certifications and Trainings

I am an Attorney, Life Coach, Mediator and Yoga Alliance-certified Yoga Teacher.

After graduating from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2001, I practiced law for over 20 years, became certified as a Life Coach by Martha Beck and trained in the lineage of Kripalu Yoga (500 hour) and Parayoga (200 hour). I refined my skills with Judith Hansen Lasater, Yoganand Michael Carroll, Restorative Yoga with Cindy Lee, and Transformational Workshops at Kripalu. A highlight of my training came this year when I was certified in Integrative Somatic Parts Work with Fran Booth. Working with these world-renowned teachers has helped me expand my toolsets and tap into the wisdom of Somatics, Transformational Facilitation, and Alternative Conflict Resolution.

Professional Affiliations

Current and previous affiliations include:

  • Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce, Trustee
  • Divorce Solutions of Connecticut
  • Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Fairfield County
  • International Association of Collaborative Professionals
  • Academy of Professional Family Mediators
  • National Association for Community Mediation
  • Connecticut Bar Association, Family Law Committee
  • New Haven County Bar Association, Family Law Committee
  • Martha Beck, Wayfinder Life Coaching
Pro Bono Service
  • Statewide Legal Services
  • Volunteer Family Law Attorney
  • Community Mediation, Inc
  • Trainer and Mediator
  • Women & Family Life Center
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Former Member, Board of Trustees
  • Connecticut Women's Education & Legal Fund
  • Cooperating Attorney
Highlighted Speaking Engagements & Workshops
  • Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Love Your Body, Feed Your Soul
  • International Association of Collaborative Professionals, International Conference
  • American Academy of Divorce Mediators, National Conference
  • Gateway Community College, Adjunct Professor of Mediation