Root to Rise:
Divorce Preparation

Divorce is a transformative experience. Life as you know it is going to change: your home, your finances, your children. 

This 6-month program identifies the issues, helps you choose a method for your divorce or reconciliation, finds the best attorney for you, and creates a roadmap for your divorce.

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Root to Rise: Divorce Preparation for Couples

Your marriage is at a crossroads. You are ready to do the hard work to move forward- whether that's together or apart. 

This course will help you identify the issues, choose a method for your divorce or reconciliation, find the best attorneys, draft realistic budgets and create a parenting plan that is best for your family. 

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Marital Conflict Resolution for Husbands

You are a good husband, provider, and father. You love your wife, but you are arguing a lot. You don't need therapy, you need tools and a map.

Work with Thea 1:1 to build your conflict resolution skills, feel stronger and achieve excellence, so that you can be the best version of yourself for your family.

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Online Circle of Support 

We're launching an online Community for individuals contemplating or navigating the divorce process. 

Members will have access to exclusive online materials and groups along with a


We are offering a discount to founding members. 

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