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How to Write a 504 Plan for a Student with Diabetes

The goal of a 504 Plan for a student with diabetes is to provide related aid and services needed to maintain blood glucose within the student’s target range, and to respond appropriately to levels outside of that range.

Here are some things that you should consider if you are the parent of a child with diabetes:

  • Communication between staff members and you is important. If your child is in middle school or older, he or she probably switches classrooms throughout the school day and has several different teachers. There should be constant communication among all of your child’s teachers so that everyone is up to date on how your child is feeling.

  • Your child is entitled to participate in all aspects of his or her education; therefore, everything should be accessible to them. Your child should be able to take part in gym class, ride the bus, attend field trips, and play on a sports team. You should make sure that the appropriate personnel will be in attendance for all of these activities so that your child can participate.

  • Consider what you would want to happen if someone new were to be caring your child. You could require that all substitutes be informed of your child’s general care and how to recognize and respond to high or low blood glucose levels.

  • Your child should not be penalized for missing class time if he or she is not feeling well. He or she should be given the opportunity to rest when needed and should be able to make up a test or other classwork at another time.

  • It may seem unnecessary to add a clause about water fountains and bathroom access to a 504 Plan, but some teachers do prohibit their use during class time. Your child should have access to water and the bathroom whenever he or she It is important for your child to be in an encouraging environment. Your child should be encouraged to take care of his or her body and to listen to his or her body when he or she is not feeling well.

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